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Thank you for your interest in Al-Bassam Schools. By God’s Grace, our progress is rapid and coming up to our community’s expectations is considered a pride for us as we always focus on excellence in both academic and behavioral fields. Our main objective is to prepare distinguished students and productive citizens who serve their country and possess high skills of thinking, discussing and life in general. Through out the years we adopted the national curriculum of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, KSA, as well as Cambridge International Primary Programme, CIPP, in the primary stage and the International General certificate of Secondary Education, IGCSE, in the higher stages. We believe how important it is to master a second language, our campuses are bilingual, and we have adopted high Standard English curricula along with the standard Arabic language (Fos-ha) curricula. In addition, we are keen on implementing the international standards in a national perspective when it comes to both our curricula and in our staffs and students’ performance. We continuously establish worldwide partnerships with the foremost international institutions in the field so as to benefit from them in achieving further future expectations led by an effective educational and administrative team. We attain to the aspirations of Saudi society and prepare the students for modern education through a team provided with a highly effective professional development plan, in addition to advanced self-evaluation tools to measure how perfectly work is done according to high professional standards.



Dr. Yousuf bin Hamad Al-Bassam

The Educational Campus Chairman


Mobile: +966 53 920 3993

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Telephone line : +966013 8434999

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